Made in His Image

In April 2011, a friend recommended that I see the movie There be Dragons. Set during the Spanish Civil War, it tells the story of St. Josemaria Escriva and his childhood friend Manolo Torres. As the two lads grow up, Josemaria answers God’s call and becomes a Catholic priest and founds the movement called Opus Dei (work of God). After leaving the seminary himself, Manolo becomes a spy for the fascists.

As hatred, betrayal and jealousy climb throughout the movie for Manolo he becomes a slave to his anger. As a Catholic priest fighting for his life, Josemaria chooses to spread seeds of hope and forgiveness. On one particular occasion while Josemaria and his priests were hiding for their lives in a psychiatric hospital a beautiful red-headed woman approaches him and shows Josemaria the scars on her wrists where she had cut herself. One can see the fear in her eyes as she says, “I was raped and still sleep with the lights on. I lock my door at night and put a chair under the door handle.” Gentle tears rolled down my face as she continued to say, “I have accepted that God can be terrible. And now my prayers are deeper. I fight Him with love.”

My heart almost pounded out of my chest. Her courage was inspiring and her innocence radiated true beauty, as she said gently, yet firmly, “I fight Him with love.” This woman had suffered immensely, but her response to suffering was saintly. She was one of the most minor characters in the movie, yet her reply “I fight Him with love” made her one of the most compelling.

With every fiber of my being I hope my own echo to suffering can mirror hers. Therefore, coupled with tremendous joy and peace in my heart, I am exceedingly excited to announce the main reason for my blog. I have had a strong desire for over a year to start a ministry for girls and women called Made in His Image. And I would like to use this site to help promote my efforts for Made in His Image.

Made in His Image will be the first Catholic inpatient medical center for females recovering from eating disorders and abuse. Outpatient services will also be available for patients needing less rigorous care. The patients who come to Made in His Image will be treated holistically – body, mind and spirit. Medical doctors, nurses, and dietitians will provide for their medical care, as Catholic psychologists aid the patients in addressing one of the most fundamental questions in life – Who am I? Each patient will be educated on their dignity and worth as a daughter of God, created in the image and likeness of God. Patients will also be educated on one of the most essential components of healing – forgiveness.

After being cleared medically by the doctors on staff, the patients will also learn how to incorporate sports into their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Upon leaving they will have made great strides psychologically and medically, as well as having a deeper understanding of their identity, and the love of the Father. I desire to use this ministry to gather women from around the country and ultimately the world, so they can bask in God the Father’s healing Hands. I want to use this ministry to gather girls from around the country and ultimately the world to “fight Him with love.”

The mission of Made in His Image: To begin a dialogue, a discussion, in a safe and compassionate setting, to foster hope and healing, and to empower women to turn from victim to survivor. Ultimately, to provide holistic medical treatment and healing for women suffering from eating disorders, physical, and or sexual abuse, which entails, educating all women on the nature and dignity of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God.

If you would like to donate to my work or know of anyone who would be interested please contact me and thank you for reading. Made in His Image is now an official non-profit organization.


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