1. What exactly are you doing?

In September 2011, I left my job to launch a ministry I founded called Made in His Image (MIHI).

The mission of MIHI: To begin a dialogue, a discussion, in a safe and compassionate setting, to foster hope and healing, and to empower women to turn from victim to survivor. Ultimately, to provide holistic medical treatment and healing for women suffering from eating disorders, physical, and or sexual abuse, which entails, educating all women on the nature and dignity of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God.

I am exceedingly excited to announce that Made in His Image is now a non-profit organization and all of your donations are now tax exempt.

2. What is this center all about?

Made in His Image will be the first Catholic inpatient medical center for females recovering from eating disorders and abuse. Outpatient services will also be available for patients needing less rigorous care. The patients who come to Made in His Image will be treated holistically – body, mind and spirit. Medical doctors, nurses, and dietitians will provide for their medical care, as Catholic psychologists aid the patients in addressing one of the most fundamental questions in life – Who am I? Each patient will be educated on their dignity and worth as a daughter of God, created in the image and likeness of God. Patients will also be educated on one of the most essential components of healing – forgiveness.

After being cleared medically by the doctors on staff, the patients will also learn how to incorporate sports into their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Upon leaving they will have made great strides psychologically and medically, as well as having a deeper understanding of their identity, and the love of the Father. I want to use this ministry to gather women from around the country and ultimately the world, so they can bask in God the Father’s healing Hands.

3. What if I need help now and can’t wait until Made in His Image is built?

I researched these centers for you. Click here.

4. Are you hiring?

Yes I am. A devout Catholic, who loves the mission of Made in His Image, who would like to fundraise and do other promotional tasks for Made in His Image, including but not limited to: helping organize our first 5K road race, etc. Email Maura Byrne at ifightHimwithlove@gmail.com if you are interested.

Once MIHI has been built and God has blessed us with a grant I will most certainly be hiring health care professionals, as MIHI will need medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, Catholic psychologists, Catholic psychiatrists, art therapists, individuals to help with event planning, etc. This is very exciting work, please keep it in your prayers.

5. What is the name of your book?

6. The name of my book is Choosing to See Beauty. And you can read about it here.

7. Is the center going to be called “I fight Him with love?”

No, that is the name of my blog. The name of the non-profit and future medical center is Made in His Image.

8. Do you have a degree in Psychology?

No, I do not. But I have hired a Catholic counselor for Made in His Image. Please contact Catherine, she would be more than happy to set up an appointment with you. Therapy is a huge component of healing and I comment you for taking this bold and courageous step. You can contact Catherine by clicking here: MIHI Counseling Services.

I would like to preface this response by saying that what I write about on my blog is a majority of the time from my own experiences. Please do not take what I say as medical advice. I am not a psychologist, I have only gleaned wisdom from doctors through my own recovery and will often touch on what they taught me. If you need medical assistance, I highly recommend you seeking it out. Also, if you need names of doctors in your area, please email me because one of the members on my Board of Directors is a highly renowned Psychologist who knows doctors throughout the country, and I can ask him for you.

9. How did you come up with the term I fight Him with love? 

Great question, please click here.

10. Will you keep blogging when the center is built?

Absolutely, and we will have a website by then too.

11. When will it be built?

Made in His Image is now a non-profit organization and I have just begun to fundraise more deeply for this mission. A tremendous amount of money is needed to build this medical center, so I do not have a date at present. I trust that God will provide. Please consider donating to MIHI and tell your friends and family about it as well. You can donate online by clicking here: DONATE TO MIHI.

12. Who can come to the center?

Any female who desires holistic healing.


2 thoughts on “FAQs

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  2. Your mission, purpose and vision is wonderful! I think you will help many many people… as evidenced already by your fan page! God bless your good work!

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