When the Jury Says, “Guilty” and the Judge Slams the Gavel

A woman asked MIHI, What do I do after my rapist is convicted? What do I do then? How do I heal? How do I move on? Can MIHI help me?

One woman said, They are going to take him away because he raped me. What do I do? I don’t want to hate him, but I do? I’ve read all of your blog posts, what do I have to do to love like that?

One woman involved with MIHI sent this to me after testifying against the man who sexually assaulted her. So in therapy today, I totally overcame a milestone! Thanks to you and Made In His Image and the Lord (of course), I’m NOT a victim of abuse anymore and I never will be again!!! I never thought it would end. I was always so sure that abuse would happen for the rest of my life but it’s not! I always thought that if I didn’t hate my abuser, then he would win. His whole objective was to abuse and still not be hated but that’s not the case anymore! Because I am not a victim and I don’t hate him. I get to choose my own path now. I get to be happy and am given the opportunity to love everyone that God places in my life! People are so precious and I know what it’s like to not feel love and I don’t want anyone who knows me to feel unloved! Life is so precious and it can only get better from here. 

I am exceedingly proud of these women for their candor, courage, strength, faith and perseverance.

Most women who have been sexually assaulted shroud their secret for fear of shame and embarrassment. Or they keep it buried, because they think it’s their fault, that they should have stopped it, that they are bad, or in an attempt to deny it actually happened.

MIHI seeks to shatter these pre-conceived notions. We exist to offer you hope and healing. We are a safe haven for you, and your voice, feelings and recovery are our priority. Yes, to answer the questions in the beginning of this post – we can, and will help you! Just like the woman in the previous paragraph, you too will take your life back. Fear, nightmares, dark shadows, crying, withdrawing and depression is not your destiny. Freedom is your future and you have the choice to seek it.

1 in every 4 women have been sexual assaulted. Do you know ONE? Are you that ONE? It’s not your fault! The time is now to break the silence and take your life back!

Image via Kara May Photography.


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