My mother always told me I should marry rich…

According to my mother, I’ve always been different from my siblingsnever doing anything normal in reference to a job, among other things. The Father has etched in my heart this ministry and I desire to serve Him and let others know His love. Well you still love J.crew, Williams Sonoma and other fine things, so you should marry rich. I’m not opposed, nor would I say no to marrying a man I loved, who was both rich in the Father’s love and well off financially 🙂 But in the mean time…

So, this is humbling and I really need YOUR help! Since launching Made in His Image I have fundraised my salary and have barely gotten by paying my rent, car insurance, phone bill, food, gas for my car, etc. I have had an exceedingly large dentist bill over the past several months and I’ve really been struggling financially. I need to raise at least $800.00 to pay for 2 months of rent.

All of the money that MIHI has received has gone to help the women involved and now I really need some financially support. I would be so incredibly grateful if you would please consider donating to this cause. I might just make you a pie in exchange 🙂 Or anything you might like 🙂


I am extremely grateful!
Feel free to ask any questions and please pass this along to anyone you think might be able to help.

Maura Byrne

Founder of MIHI

ps and my mom was partially kidding, partially being serious when she said that 🙂 And I told her this was the kind of man I was going to marry 🙂


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