Jake Gyllenhaal and Snapple (Interesting I know)!

After hearing that I use to work as a baker in Nashville, a lot of women asked, Who was the cutest famous guy who ever came into the bakery? Ahh, that would be Jake Gyllenhaal! He ate one of my muffins too. And yes, his eyes are every bit as gorgeous in person as they are in the movies!

I promise the message of this post is not beauty of Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, although they are exquisite. So, read on and be inspired (hopefully)!

It is HOT in Nashville and the other day after running I was craving some juice, or something with sugar in it. My favorite post running drink use to be orange juice, but then I went to the dentist and I have 8 cavities (I’m so embarrassed). They said I should try not to drink orange juice anymore. Yes, your mother is right, you really do need to go to the dentist during college. (And you can also please pray that I get some money to pay this dentist bill)!

So, I stopped and got a fruit punch snapple, which probably isn’t any better for my teeth than orange juice, but I wasn’t thinking. That will be $1.15, the cashier said. As I handed her the money, my eyes caught the front corner of the bottle, This bottle contains 200 calories. Wow, God is amazing!! I’m so blessed that I can buy this, and drink it, without thinking twice about those 200 calories. I turned to the left, reached for the bottle and said thank you. With my left hand, I gently pushed the door open to exit the store, as my right shook the snapple.

MIHI yearns for you to live in freedom!

Everyone likes to be in control. And when the control we desperately seek is slipping from our grasp, we cling to its remains as if it were a life-line. What are the fears associated with losing control in regards to eating disorders?

Perhaps it’s admitting that you aren’t right? Or that you don’t have all the answers or aren’t smarter than doctors and dietitians? Perhaps it rests in reaching out for help and admitting that you aren’t weak to ask for help. Or maybe your fear is with God? Perhaps you think He desires your unhappiness and you are convinced He wants you to blow up like a whale? Perhaps you doubt His love for you?

Maybe something from your past plagues you and your eating disorder is all that you can control and if you let it go the unknown would terrify you? Perhaps you fear that if you stop exercising you will let yourself go? Perhaps you fear that you aren’t worthy of three meals a day? Or maybe your fear rests in self-control, and if you start eating again you won’t have the strength to stop? Therefore ,you convince yourself that it’s better to not eat at all if you are going to over eat? Perhaps you fear that if you start the day with a healthy breakfast you won’t be able to stop eating after that first meal and the rest of the day will be a disaster?

Does that sound about right?

So, what are you holding on to that you need to let go of?

There is a beautiful world out there waiting for you to discover, without the incumbrance of an eating disorder. But you have to make that choice. Recovery is possible and MIHI wants to help you. What are you going to do about it?


2 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal and Snapple (Interesting I know)!

  1. Maura,
    Your story about the 200 calorie bottle of Snapple reminded me of my late wife’s habit. I would call it the “Christy Grip.” She would pick up an item and immediately twist her wrist until she had scanned the entire lable, seeking calorie info, and then if the item had sugar, and other things. Just as I pick up a guitar with my fingers already prepared to play a modified bar chord every time, she would pick up a food item the same way every time, even years after she was delivered from her terribly debilitating bulimia and laxative use. Some habits stick around. But for the last nearly 30 years of her life, she lived free of the food terror prison she had been in for decades, thanks to to the Healing Hand of Jesus.

  2. I’m worried that if I don’t leave this comment now then I might never. Thank you for your honesty and courage in your writing. Thank you for searching out and finding a counselor (Catherine DiNuzzo). She has been such a Godsend-Literally!!!!

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