I don’t know if you know this, but your boobs go inside your shirt.

One time when I was in the library as a student, I overheard several men looking at pornography on their computers. They were laughing and making inappropriate jokes. I told them, you know what, you’re worth more than that. She’s worth more than that.

While I am a very reserved person, not shy, just reserved. I am not afraid to stand up for Truth. I have been told that I have a very soft and gentle voice, and therefore, in a gentle manner, I want to tell you ladies, that just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to dress inappropriately. A man told me that women would be shocked if they were to enter the head of the average man in a crowded room of immodestly dressed women.

Another gentleman I know wrote this as his facebook status several days ago. Dear Ladies I know, thank you for your modesty and virtue! My attempt at relaxing in the apartment pool was thwarted by what constitutes as swim wear these days. I’ve clearly been out of the loop because string bikini is now a literal term. A woman’s body is precious and a gift meant for her husband, pray for these poor girls. 

Our society today has lost sight of the quintessential beauty in which God created us, due to selfishness. Our culture is plagued with violation and unrest due to a “hook up” mentality, lack of chastity and self-control, pornography and a genuine lack of respect for the human person. How can we bring our culture back to God’s original design?

Women, in order to do this you must embrace your femininity in a unique way. You were created with a unique purpose and plan and your dignity flows from the Father’s love for you. So, Made in His Image would like to challenge you to dress modestly this summer and at all times. If you have a question about what is considered modest, please do not hesitate to ask.

At the core of modesty is moderation, simplicity and a regard for decency in your behavior and dress. Modesty starts inside a person’s heart and mind. Modesty asks questions, Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Modesty cherishes the sacredness of the human body in our overly sexualized world. The human body is beautiful and modesty reveals a woman’s inner beauty for the world to see, while preserving her body for her husband in the holy sacrament of marriage.

Ladies, we have been given an exceedingly beautiful task of guarding men’s eyes, minds and hearts. Let us not shirk from this responsibility. Let’s be authentic women!

Mary was not “full of grace” because she was beautiful. She was beautiful because she was full of grace. – Fulton Sheen


12 thoughts on “I don’t know if you know this, but your boobs go inside your shirt.

  1. Wow!!!!! Excellently written!!!! I think this article is so great! (And what a catchy title, ha). I also never knew that Emma Watson was a pro-modesty woman! You go Emma!!

  2. I appreciate your concern for the “poor girls” who dress immodestly at the pool. And while I agree that there is a rampant disregard for morality in this world, I must pose this question to you: why is it so awful for women to wear bikinis in the summer? Why is it so awful if their shirt is cut low? On so many levels, the problem does not lie with the woman, but with the men that are over-sexualizing and objectifying her.

    You are a woman. Don’t you want to be completely equal with men in this world? Don’t you want progress and not endless judgement based on what you look like and the clothes that you wear? Progress won’t be made with your kind of attitude. Why must we have the task of “guarding men’s eyes”? This is the same as laying the blame on a rape victim because she was wearing too short of a skirt. (“She should have covered up, maybe then this man wouldn’t have been so inclined to rape her.”)

    I am a catholic woman, and a feminist at that. I do not believe we should be making decisions about our bodies based on the ideals laid out for us by society. God created the human body, therefore it is beautiful. I believe our bodies are beautiful. Sexual thoughts about women’s bodies lie on the conscience of the man, and shouldn’t be blamed on the woman. Why must less clothing be about sex and indignity? In truth, less clothing feels physically better on a brutally hot day.

    This isn’t to say that every woman should just run around in bikinis. I myself dress modestly, and wear one-pieces at the beach. All I’m saying is, there is no need for judgement on the choices of others. You never know the reasons people may have for wearing less clothing. Maybe a woman has lost a lot of weight and is finally feeling confident enough to wear that cute shorter dress that she couldn’t wear before… wearing a string bikini doesnt mean a woman is into pornography or has lots of sex. All i’m saying is, dressing a certain way does not make someone a bad person.

    I fully support what you’re trying to do, and I think this blog is great! But i would for once in my life LOVE to see a strong Catholic woman standing up to gender stereotypes and not casting women in the same guilt-ridden roles that the church has kept them in for years.

    • You cannot be both Catholic and a feminist. The Church places Mary above all except Christ. Her life is true feminism: submission to God, His Church, and modesty. Sadly, the Church has not said enough about immodesty over the decades, especially of women; a humans may always fight off impure thoughts at times, but offering more opportunity, eg, women’s attire and sexualized lifestyles, has destroyed so many lives. Men and women need to fight this Evil-but modern feminism only worsens things, with false equality of genders (all the same; no uniqueness), contraception, and abortion. Good catechesis, the Rosary, and good examples (parents and the Saints) will protect our children. And for all of out sakes: let’s cover up and let Christ show through!

  3. “I told them, you know what, you’re worth more than that. She’s worth more than that.”
    -She most likely makes 6 figures doing it. So, ironically, she’s probably worth more than you.

    “Our society today has lost sight of the quintessential beauty in which God created us…”
    -News flash, babies are born naked. So, you’re right, but not for the reasons you think you are.

    “How can we bring our culture back to God’s original design?”
    -Same as above – wouldn’t God’s original design have us walking around nude?

    Those were some of the more laughable quotes. Setting those aside though, I still fail to see the point of this entire thing. Why are you so concerned with the way other women dress? Why is it any of your business to begin with? If you don’t to see a woman’s cleavage, you can simply turn your head. All in all I think you should step off your high horse and read the sections of the Bible that talk about being judgmental towards others.

    Since you’re far too concerned about the appearance of others to not care about your own appearance, you’ll probably delete this comment. But, if you truly believe in what you’ve written, then you’ll let it be discussed instead.

    • Many of the problems we have in our society today stem from the mainstreaming of pornography, which started in the 50’s. Men now have pornography at their fingertips and in their faces (internet, TV, advertising and immodest dressing) most of the time. This is one of the issues that is destroying the family in America.

      Women are certainly free to decide how they wish to dress; however, we are to consider the welfare of others and not just our own freedoms. When men and boys may be fighting a battle with pornography, is dressing immodestly really a freedom we want? Women can be just as beautiful and even more beautiful while dressing modestly and in a flattering way.

      ‘ “Everything is permissible” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.’ 1 Cor 10:23

  4. agree with the above post pretty my 100%… Let other people do as they wish. Unless it concerns you its their own choice as to what they find funny or what they choose to do and how they choose to dress. Girls concerned with their appearance often get more as they appeal more to guys. You can be cool and a genuinely good person but still dress to impress.

  5. I totally agree with Maura–it’s not just trying to “guard men’s eyes” (although that’s important). It’s saving the sight of your body for your future husband and him alone, so that when you fully give yourself to him, the goods haven’t been checked out by other customers, so to speak. It’s most definitely on men to guard their eyes and hearts as well, of course. That responsibility lies with them as well. But it is a double standard to dress immodestly and then complain when men treat you like an object, because that’s what you put across to them.

  6. The problem with most of the above posts is that the reality of sin is omitted. Of course God created Adam and Eve nude – however, once Original Sin hit the scene, the discord between men and women began. Adam and Eve realized their nakedness, and BOTH felt embarrassed and modestly found something to cover themselves!

    We are living in a fallen world and are called not to be stumbling blocks to one another. To those Catholics above, please take time to learn more about what the Catholic Church really teaches about human sexuality. A good place to start are Christopher West’s books and speaking engagements on the Theology of the Body.

    Of course men and women are equal in human dignity but different and complimentary. It is sad that some see it as a burden or insult to help out men by guarding men’s eyes. The author is NOT stating that it is women’s fault that men lust and even become addicted to pornography or commit rape – that is a result of temptation and sin. Her encouragement to dress modestly falls in the same category as not taking you friend who is a recovered alcoholic out for a night on the town in popular bars.

    Come on ladies! Its time to live as real feminists! The most important person in the history of the human race was indeed a woman – the Blessed Virgin Mary, the exalted one who cooperated herself to the will of the Father and by the power of the Holy Spirit gave us the greatest possible gift, our Lord Jesus Christ! Let’s live as the beautiful and yes, MODEST, woman of grace that we are called to be!

  7. So where does it end then? When women are completely covered up like in other cultures? Some cultures are making them even cover their eyes because it’s too tempting for men. No matter how covered up you are, many guys are still going to objectify women no matter what, so it really should not be up to us to keep them from doing it.

    When I was a teenager, one of my fellow female friends wore very baggy, long shorts to church… not form-fitting at all and well below the knees. I still overheard a few guys talking to each other secretly on the side saying to each other that her butt still looked good in them. It doesn’t matter how modest you are, guys will always find a way around it.

    Guys shouldn’t go shirtless to the beach if women can’t wear bikinis.
    I find freckles to be arousing. My husband has freckles all over his back, therefore, he shouldn’t have been letting anybody else see them before we were married. Isn’t that right by what you’re saying? It sounds silly, right? Seeing cleavage is only taboo because we sensationalize it in our culture.
    And if you want to really follow the Bible, then I hope you cover your head when you’re in church. 1 Corinthians 11:4-7

  8. Thought well written, I disagree completly with your article. Wearing modest clothing has nothing to do with taking pride in your body and your relationship to God. It only has something to do with the way people see you or perceive you. It’s also about not showing skin to try not to tempt others (ei: the man at the pool).

    I think in the case of the man at the pool, hearing his account, far from helping me see his point and his values, has made me feel like he is some pervert who went to the pool and was litterally BOTHERED by what women were wearing (or not wearing). As a 21rst century man I would expect him to be able to control himself, and not have his head spining because girls are in bikinis. When women go to the pool and see young shirtless men, they don’t write letters saying “OMG I was so bothered by all the flesh…”. They deal with it, like educated, 21rst century beings. The man’s reaction to me, is akin to that of a cave man.

    His comment bothers me , because it makes me feel less-than. It makes me feel as though, as a woman, I should always cover my body, not because I am promiscuous but because I have to “containt” the men who see me ‘s sexual response. I think this is very sad. I am not less than a man. They should learn how to control their urges as we do. It is not our job to cover up, it is their job as human beings to control themselves.

    I dress however I wish to. Sometimes with cleavage showing, sometimes not. Sometimes with my legs showing, sometimes not. You could say I have dressed “provocatively” and you know what… I don’t care because I am still a devout catholic who goes to church on sundays, does lent every year and… is still a virgin at 28 (because I am unmarried). I honestly do not think God gives two craps about the way I dress knowing who I am inside.

    People need to evolve and stop judging others by thee way they look.

    • As a “devout” Catholic (and I do see how wonderful it is you remain chaste), you are aware of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima? Her warnings to us and Saint Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco? Mary said specifically immodest dress would (timeline these past few decades) destroy many souls. The children saw souls falling to Hell like snowflakes. But why should we listen to the Mother of God? Mary is our Mother and only wants what is best for us. Like it or not, we are all a family and must help each other get to Heaven (especially if confirmed and are part of the Church Militant). As a Catholic, we must know our Faith-not choose to follow what is easy or create our own beliefs. Go against modernity. Be Catholic. Listen to your Mother!

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