Dating and Relationships

While in route back to Nashville I met a man who was trying to be impressive by saying he had run the Marine Corps Marathon in under four hours (which is amazing)! And to be honest it was impressive, I love a guy who can run. Then he said he had two girlfriends and would love another.

Well you are talking to the wrong woman buddy, I thought to myself. Why would you want three girlfriends? Wouldn’t that be confusing? 

My friends, this is the perverted culture we live in. What we need is a crusade of authentic young people to stand up and be virtuous. I don’t think there is anything more attractive than a man who pursues a woman with dignity and gentleness. Although men like that aren’t as prevalent in our society, they do exist. A gentleman told me today, I desire to be a chaste spouse, like St. Joseph and treat my future wife like a queen. 

Ladies, wait for a man who will kiss your forehead on a date, instead of wanting to make out with you, who will hold your hand, instead of touching you inappropriately. Men like that do exist. And what you need to do is embrace the beauty of being an authentic woman, and you will attract just such a man.

Remember, “when a boy calls you cute, he likes your face. When he calls you hot, he likes your body. When he calls you beautiful, he likes your heart.”

Ladies, wait for a man who calls you beautiful, for this is what you deserve, because that’s what you are. Let’s be authentic women ladies! Let’s embrace the beauty of our femininity.


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