Can I get a drum roll please…Bum, bada bum, bada bum bum!

Ladies and gentlemen, and boys and girls of all ages, MIHI wants to introduce you, to the gorgeous new magazine that my sweet, beautiful and amazingly talented friends in New York City just launched. It’s called Verily…read on with a glass of wine (or hot chocolate, if you’re underage). No underage drinking on my watch.

It is no secret that women today are more educated, influential, and affluent than ever before. Yet we report record levels of anxiety and decreased happiness. Is this what we were striving for?

In a world that seems to offer us limitless choices, somehow the modern narrative about women – what we should look like, how we should date, how to be successful, what should make us happy – can ring hollow. So Verily is starting a new conversation – one for those who want a fresh take on life; an honest message that relates to their experiences which is uplifting, affirming, and true.

Browse their website by clicking HERE. It’s AMAZING! On their website you can take a gander at their Teaser Issue, read their blog, follow them on facebook and twitter and let the team know how outstanding their magazine is. Don’t forget to sign up for a subscription too.

Let’s be authentic women ladies! Let’s embrace the beauty of our femininity.


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