In Honor of Captain James Byrne, USMC

Made in His Image would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Memorial Day! We would like to honor the past, present and future military of our country. I would especially like to honor my brother, Captain James Byrne, USMC, as well as his wife Susan for her sacrifice and love for James and our country. As a wife of a Marine, I’m sure often times her sacrifices and bravery are left unnoticed. Thank you Susan for your courage and strength.

What James, and the men and women who serve our country have sacrificed for us is unfathomable, as we enjoy the comforts of everyday freedom. Their service depicts astounding courage and radiates patriotism.

As you catch some sun down by the lake, grill burgers and pop open another cold one this Memorial Day, please keep in your heart those who have so lovingly given to us. And remember those who have given their very lives and all of their loved ones who suffer their loss.

Their bravery will never be forgotten.

To all our service men and women, thank you and Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you James! I love you!


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