Balance: And there’s someone I’d like you to meet…

Over the weekend I flew home and surprised my family for my brother’s graduation from college! Brian graduated with high honors and we are very proud of him! It was AWESOME!!!

Of course I couldn’t leave the Nashville airport without a pat down…I tell ya, I’m like a magnet for those things, ahh! Home was amazing: complete with plenty of mom’s delicious cooking, sleep, good wine, friends, laughs and family time. On the plane ride to New Jersey I thought a lot about my dad and how he taught me to run when I was a little girl. Below is a picture of my dad and I at my brother’s graduation. I love this one!!

One Sunday morning I woke up, looked out my window and saw my dad walking around the cul-de-sac in front of our house. I knew he was cooling down after his run. In an impulse reaction, I jumped out of bed. My feet hit the cold hard wood floor of my bedroom and I raced down the hall through a maze of laundry and down the stairs to meet my dad at the back door. Can you teach me to run, I begged?

That same Sunday afternoon my dad took me to Sports Authority to get a pair of running shoes. As I walked down the kids shoe aisle I was in awe. My dad reached up, took down a box and handed it to me. I knew what was inside, but in an instant became shy. I was like a young child who is mesmerized by Santa Claus, but when the time actually comes to sit on his lap they become hesitant. I gently pulled back the tissue paper which revealed a pair of New Balance running shoes that were my size. I beamed with pride thinking, I’m going to be a runner just like my dad. I was five years old.

While running has brought me tremendous joy and I had the amazing opportunity to be a collegiate athlete, it was also a detrimental channel for me, when I had my eating disorder in high school. So you see, running is really just like anything in life that demands an equilibrium. We must strive for balance. I will be able to hear my doctor’s words for the rest of my life: Virtue is always in the middle. 

Balance is beautiful and something we all need to strive after, and in reality it will be something we are continually striving for. As each new stage in our life will demand more from us. Tonight, Made in His Image would like to challenge you to seek balance.

What about you? Where do you need to strive for balance in your life? Perhaps it’s with exercise…maybe you over exercise, maybe you don’t exercise at all, and need to start? Maybe you overeat, turn to food for comfort, or under eat? Maybe you’ve thought about praying a little more, but tell yourself you don’t have the time? Maybe you need to go back to Sunday Mass or praying a Rosary?

Maybe you need to strive for balance in suffering, or an illness? Instead of dwelling on misfortune or feeling trapped by the past, you could try your best to mimic and cooperate with God, who will, with our cooperation (faith and hope), do His best to turn everything into good.

However, He needs our participation, determination and perseverance. We are only human and will fall, move backward, succumb to discouragement, which is the first fruit of self-love. We have been instructed by His Son to get back up. Rekindle your effort to see the good in others who have hurt you and to see the things that you have and will continue to be inspired to do as a result of what they did or did not do that disappointed and hurt you.

This it the calling for each and every one of us. To get out of ourselves, see the good in others and to keep doing it over and over until we catch our stride with God who is always with us and waiting for us – like a child learning to ride on a two-wheel bicycle without training wheels, having been pushed forward by Our Father who stays with us, encourages us, comforts us when we fall, and prods us on to get back up and try again. Finally, when we do it, catch our balance and ride forward in glee, we are free and able to see that all that happened was for our good. Then it is our turn to inspire others to find the good in their lives.


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