Break the Silence: Domestic Abuse Survivors Speak Out

The black colors remind me of all of the evil my abuser did to me. The black lips represent my silence. The black eyes represent all the wounds I received and how dead I felt inside. The butterflies are peace. One day I know I will be free. Purple is for the passion I knew I still had inside me. I want to forget about all of the evil, but doubt that I ever will. I am relieved that my scars are only in my mind. The head is my journey from darkness into light. – Domestic abuse survivor

Silent Beauty- My dear friend was abused. The choker on this head symbolizes the incident that finally convinced her to seek help. The mouth is retrained because of her forced silence, but the head wears a crown of jewels and feathers to signify her regal uprising.

This head is a warning, but also full of flowers and sunshine. I am sad my friend has suffered as she has, but glad to see her empowered now, like the lotus flower whose beauty rises through the mud to bloom. – Friend of a domestic abuse survivor

My children and I feared for our lives on a daily basis. My life was destroyed by one man; I was in a war zone with just one enemy. He said he would kill us if we ever left him. He killed all three of my beautiful dogs to prove to me that he was serious. I am going through the aftermath now. Because of this experience, I believe in the good Lord and praise Him every day. God saved my life, and I am a survivor! – Domestic abuse survivor

The first thing I did for myself was trust in the Lord. The abuse that my mind and body put up with for so long was more than my mind and body could bear. I chose the path of spiritual healing. The straw hair represents the loss of my own hair when it was pulled out. The chocker represents my strangulation. The wire on my mouth represents my forced silence. The words on the back of my head are what I am leaving behind, and the words on the front of my head are where I am headed in my journey through life. – Domestic abuse survivor

The above statements are descriptions of art projects that these survivors created. Art therapy is exceedingly healing and we would like to encourage you to try it. MIHI wants to empower you to turn from victim to survivor.

The mission of MIHI: To begin a dialogue, a discussion, in a safe and compassionate setting, to foster hope and healing, and to empower women to turn from victim to survivor. Ultimately, to provide holistic medical treatment and healing for women suffering from eating disorders, physical, and or sexual abuse, which entails, educating all women on the nature and dignity of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God.

BREAK THE SILENCE!! MIHI wants to encourage you to take a stand against abuse. The shame and guilt associated with abuse is NOT your fault. Let MIHI help you take back your life. Speak to our counselor on staff today by clicking HERE.



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