The Hurt and the Healer

Since the launch of Made in His Image, the organization has received thousands of emails. Each one has touched my heart in a unique way. Some have left me breathless at the wonders and majesty of God the Father’s healing Hands. Over a thousand have brought tears to my eyes, as I listened to the countless stories of young women who are deeply suffering. The other night Made in His Image received an email from a young woman who has been so abused and mistreated and as I read the email, I just blurted out, Why God? 

Indeed, suffering is a great mystery. Blessed Mother Teresa once said, Suffering is a gift-though, like all gifts, it depends on how we receive it. And that is why we need a pure heart, to see the hand of God, to feel the hand of God, to recognize the gift of God in our suffering.”

In fact, we will never fully understand why certain things have happened until we reach Heaven. And this is one of the treasures of our faith: suffering is a mystery. I have often thought about what it would be like to sit at God the Father’s feet and ask Him why certain things happened in my life.

Can we say no to suffering? We can say no more God, but suffering will still exist. I doubt He is going to take it away just because we say, no more. Were we have control is to make the choice to see beauty in our suffering or to despair. You see because many things in life are going to be ugly, painful and hurtful, but you have the power, along with God’s grace to make good from the pain and tears. You have the tools to make the choice to see beauty, seek forgiveness, show mercy and the Father’s love to all of those you meet, even those who have abused you. Where does the power come from? It comes from the Sacraments and spending time with God in Adoration. Speak to God tonight, ask Him to help you. Ask Him for grace, tell Him your fears, joys and sorrows. Let the Healer hug you. Hold onto Him.


2 thoughts on “The Hurt and the Healer

  1. Thank you so much for posting this, especially the picture. I went through an extremely difficult time several years ago when I felt like I had lost all my faith in God, not because I wanted to, but I just felt like the gift of faith was taken from me. I was searching for God with all my heart, and I just felt alone, empty, in darkness. My spiritual director helped me so much through that time, and also, reading Mother Teresa’s own accounts of darkness helped me through that time. Since then I’ve learned to see the darkness through eyes of faith, and find comfort and healing in that beautiful Mystery. “I believe in God, even when He is silent.” Amen. Amen. You know, it’s when we really really love someone, that we can sit in silence and just be with them. I think it’s the same with God.

  2. I was also very moved by this post…I needed to read these words right at the very moment that I did…..that is how the Holy Spirit ministers to us.

    I need to hold onto Jesus and never let go…..

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