I realized that I CAN do this!

Several nights ago I received the following email from an exceedingly courageous woman. I want to share it with you today in the hopes that her determination will inspire you in your fight for recovery and freedom! Let us all learn and grow from one another.

I want to thank you for all of your feedback from the accountability program. Your words mean so much to me and have helped me in many ways. I continue to read your blog as well and I honestly cannot believe how perfect each post is for me when I read them. Seriously, a few of them have made me cry because they are so perfect. Now, there is another reason for why I am emailing you tonight… I have some big news that I think you would like to hear! Today, April 19th, marks two amazing milestones for me! Not only is today the three-year anniversary of my coming fully into the Catholic Church through RCIA, but today also marks 30 days since the last time I self-harmed! When I realized that it has been 30 days, I was overcome with joy because I realized that I CAN do this!

I can overcome the voice inside my head telling me to hurt myself every day. Yes, I have been tempted a lot over the past few days, but I have never given in! I have kept my rosary with me at all times and still sleep with it to help me get through the night. I really do believe that I have you to thank for being able to get myself this far! Without your help through the accountability program and also through your blog, I have been able to find the strength I need to continue to fight.

I have a list of people on a note on my computer who I continue to fight and live for… Your name has made that list of people. Truly, without your strength and inspiration, I would not be able to say that I am where I am today in recovery. You help me to remember that it’s okay to fall down sometimes, just as long as I pick myself back up and keep moving in the right direction. You help me to keep my eyes focused on Christ, even when I don’t feel Him with me. Thank you, Maura, for everything! 

Blessed be God! All the glory and honor to the Father!

So, what are you doing to recover?

Need a plan? Email the founder of MIHI (Maura) at ifightHimwithlove@gmail.com. MIHI exists to help you!


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