This is for the woman who looks at a photoshopped model and wants to be her…

Because you’re worth more than that!

Numerous emails this week caused me to reflect on the birth of Made in His Image, something I really needed to do. It’s not mine – it’s His. I have simply tried to respond to the desire and grace He has put in my heart. Often times I shutter at how poor of a job I do, but with each new sunrise and Holy Communion comes a chance to begin again. A chance to throw myself into the arms of the Father and ask Him for the grace to respond with courage and strength to what He is asking of me. Because while there are times that I bust out 5 miles in record time because I’m so excited for this ministry, at other times it’s scary.

I need to continue to learn how to not take people’s negative comments personally. Pray for me. Sometimes I get really tired, but I trust in the Father’s gentle love, peace and reassurance. I know He wants this. This is for Him. This is for the girls who need to know their worth and their cherished dignity as a daughter of God. This is for the woman who sees her self-worth through a number on a scale. This is for the woman who looks at a photoshopped model and wants to be her. This is for the college athlete who needs to try harder to honor God with his or her athletic ability. This is for the college student whose hope has run dry. This is for the young girl who has nightmares of traumatic events and still locks her door at night because of fear. This is for the girl who has scars on her body from abuse and even deeper emotional scars on the inside. This is for the woman who just heard the words from her boyfriend “I’m addicted to pornography.” This is for you, because I love you. I love you with every ounce of my sensitive heart. And I will not stop until you know the Father’s love, until you feel His gentle arms around you saying, “you are my child and I love you not because of what you do, but because you are mine.”

You are the Heavenly Father’s daughter. You have inherent worth as a daughter of God, created for greatness, in His image and likeness. You are an heir to the Kingdom of God.

Also, don’t let the manufactured bodies that you see in the media deceive you. Those models are exceedingly sick, here’s proof. Model Crystal Renn’s agent told her, “you either live with the difficulty of being so thin or become a plus-sized model.” Put your time and energy into striving to imitate the Saints. They should be your role models.


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