I love my hair. I love my blue eyes.

It’s Wednesday and we all know what that means. It’s time for Made in His Image’s Wednesday Inspiration ( I promise I’m coming up with a more creative name). But in the meantime, that will do.

A woman emailed me yesterday and said, “I just don’t know if I can do it.” She was referring to her recovery.


Instead of focusing on what you dislike about your body, how about you choose one thing you like about it. I did that when I was recovering. I wrote a list in my journal and here is what it said.

I love my hair. I love my blue eyes. I love that I have long legs. I love my cheekbones. 

Then I wrote, I love that I like to run. I love that I’m good at it. I love that I can create things with my hands. I love that I can swim in the ocean. 

So what about you? If you can’t make a list, then just choose one thing that you like about your body and thank God for making you that way. Then you can make a list of other talents you have. And everyone has a talent.

Come on, you can do it. You can choose one thing, everyone can.

Today, I will not count calories. I will not eat numbers. I will eat food that will nurture my body and help it grow and thrive. I will not feel guilty. I will smile because I am alive another day in the beautiful world and because I am one step closer to being healthy and happy.

Always remember, YOU are the Heavenly Father’s daughter, created for greatness in His image and likeness. You have inherent worth as a daughter of God. You are an heir to the Kingdom of God.

You are loved by the gentlest and most compassionate Father in Heaven.


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