Made in His Image Changed My Life

One of the women that Made in His Image helps hold accountable sent me this in an email yesterday.

I was just feeling a lot of temptation to harm myself one night and I knew I didn’t want to give in to the temptation. I was sitting on my bed and saw my rosary on my nightstand. I grabbed it, got under my covers, wrapped the rosary around my hand, closed my eyes, and prayed. Eventually I fell asleep and woke up in the morning still holding my rosary. I continue to do this every night and for the past two weeks it has helped me to not harm myself.

Made in His Image is exceedingly proud of this young woman’s courage, determination and faith. May her words and witness inspire you to find comfort and healing through our Blessed Mother, God the Father, the Saints and your guardian angel.

Do you talk to your guardian angel? Saint Padre Pio is my favorite saint and he always talked about how we need to converse with our guardian angels, because they are there to protect us and keep us safe. Talk to your guardian angel out loud, ask them questions and tell them when you need extra protection. I talk to mine all the time.

During the past several weeks I have received countless requests from women about how to tell their parents that they are struggling with an eating disorder. Thank you for your questions and I have asked my counselor to write a piece on this topic. I will post it after Easter.

On Tuesday I saw the following article and interview on NPR. I highly recommend you taking the time to listen to this interview.

“Like many parents, Judy Avrin didn’t fully understand the gravity of bulimia, until she lost her daughter Melissa. To help shed light on the disorder, Avrin helped make a documentary inspired by her daughter’s journal entries. Avrin speaks with guest host Jacki Lyden about the film Someday Melissa.”

Please click here to read and listen to this brave mother’s interview with NPR. Mother Speaks Out After Losing Daughter To Bulimia.

A lot of people don’t fully grasp the severity of an eating disorder. It is my hope that by posting this interview, it will shed some much-needed light in regards to the fatality rates of eating disorders. Ladies, if you are struggling with an eating disorder, please seek the professional help that you need. There is no shame in doing so, only tremendous strength and courage.

In closing, I really want to thank all of those who have given to Made in His Image to make this non-profit a reality. Your generosity is changing lives. I would like to extend an exceedingly heartfelt thank you to my lawyer, the many who have given of their time to help advise me, my board of Directors, the sweet women who have helped MIHI grow through their volunteer work, and the countless people who have given financially. Thank you! YOU are changing lives through your self sacrifice.

Below is a letter I received in the mail today. Your generosity and support aided this woman’s life changing recovery.

I’ve finally found some time to write to you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You have changed my life. Thank you for all your support, encouragement and prayers. I couldn’t have done this without Made in His Image. You are one of the most beautiful and most inspirational people I’ve ever known. Thank you for being such a great role model for me and all the other women out there. I could never describe in words what MIHI has done for me. I will keep MIHI in my prayers forever. Made in His Image changed my life. 

All the glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank you for supporting this ministry. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank YOU for helping to change this beautiful woman’s life.


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