You Need a Battle Plan

Women email me all the time and ask, what do I need to do to recover from my eating disorder? 

I always tell them they need a plan – a battle plan as I refer to it. A week ago a woman emailed me her plan and I want to share it with you today because it’s beautiful and her discipline and courage is worth noting. Below is her plan, it is my hope that you can glean some ideas from her writing and write your own plan.

Please note that this woman was NOT at the beginning stages of an eating disorder.

1. Continue to abandon ALL destructive eating behaviors. Abandon them forever! Delete ALL pictures of models/actresses who have that perfect body from my computer. I think I’ve deleted them all already, but need to check again to be sure. 

2. Continue NOT to weigh myself ever again (if I don’t really have to for any particular reason). I know the number on that scale is really unimportant. 

3. Continue to glorify God in the way I eat and in moderation. 

4. Don’t make up any other rules regarding eating, except glorifying God and taking good care of your body.

5. Continue to write down all Bible verses that are especially meaningful to me. I’ve bought a prayer journal in which I’ve started to collect them, and I’ve hung up prayer cards by my mirror, so whenever I get one of those really-can’t-stand-my-body days’ I’ll look at them and they make me feel better and help me to get my focus back on Jesus instead of myself.

6. DAILY TIME WITH JESUS. Continue to read my Bible in the morning and finish the day in prayer. Keep going to Mass, Confession and Adoration. Listen to praise and worship music. Surround yourself with godly people who inspire you and help you to grow closer to God, continue to deepen your relationship with Jesus and become a better person

7. Continue to pray to be used by the Father to share my testimony to inspire others to surrender to Jesus!

8. Remember to humble myself before Jesus every day!

So what is your battle plan? What are you doing EVERYDAY to get better? If you would like me to help you with a plan, email me anytime at I have given countless women parts of my plan that I made for myself years ago and would love to help you too! Made in His Image exists to help YOU!


4 thoughts on “You Need a Battle Plan

  1. Maura,

    I heard you on the Radio today. I would like to email you privately as I carry
    the same passion for starting a Catholic residential or transitional housing for young people struggling with eating disorders……I have a lot to offer at age 55 and having seven children three of which struggle with eating disorders, depression, and
    addictive behaviors. I am a devout Catholic, and believe in healing through prayer,
    forgiveness and truth.
    Please connect with me via email.

    Thank you so very much,


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