True Beauty Challenge

Our culture today is polluted with a cesspool of lies fueling young woman’s minds and hearts into believing that happiness rests in looking a certain way or reaching an ideal weight.

Our culture is plagued with false truths about beauty and self-image because often times women don’t know what their true and lasting identity lies in. Confused, women turn to the media for reassurance and guidance. And what does the media tell them? It tells them that in order to be considered beautiful they need to look like the latest ninety-five pound manufactured celebrity on the cover of People Magazine. So, because of society, countless women strive after false beauty, perishable fame and attempt to quench their thirst for happiness with fleeting pleasures. But Truth tells women that lasting beauty stems from virtue and character, which is found within.

Made in His Image is exceedingly excited to introduce you to Hollie Danis, author of The True Beauty Challenge.

Hollie Danis is a wife and mother of two children. She is passionate about faith, young women’s ministry, and the pursuit of true beauty through virtue. She studied Catchetics/Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and has worked both as a volunteer and employed youth minister.

This Lent, challenge yourself to give up something more radical than chocolate or soda. Give up something with a more fulfilling reward. This book is about more than giving up makeup. It is a prayerful study that will transform your understanding of true beauty and leave you reaping the rewards of confidence, virtue, and a lasting beauty that radiates from your soul.

Grab your girlfriends, mom, sisters, etc. and embark on a life changing journey. Take the True Beauty Challenge and come to know yourself as the beautiful creation God made you to be.

Still not sure what to give up for Lent?

No problem. Click here to order Hollie’s book The True Beauty Challenge.

I challenge you to strive after True beauty this Lent and always.


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