Just Hold Me

One of the greatest gifts we can offer another human being is hope. Everyone suffers. But what will set you apart from others is your ability to see the beauty in your cross, despite the circumstances and to encourage others to persevere and arouse a spirit of hope in all you encounter.

It’s okay to be afraid and to feel countless other emotions associated with suffering. But do not allow yourself to despair, choose instead to seek beauty amidst the ambiguity of life. Rise from the ashes, inspire others with hope, show mercy and kindness, radiate joy and love as the Father has loved and continues to love you.

Let His love radiate through you, so that when others see you, they see and feel the love of the Father.

And if tonight you should feel alone, isolated from those you love or frustrated because you feel as if no one understand your pain – turn to your Heavenly Father and tell Him your feelings, for He does understand, and sees all things. He is waiting for you to come to Him so He can protect you.

When I was recovering from the ramifications that abuse produces, I printed this picture and hung it in a frame, eye level to my bed. When the pain made me numb, when I doubted if I was lovable and when the tears wouldn’t subside I looked at it. I imagined myself in God’s arms, just like the little girl in the picture. It brought me great peace and comfort to imagine the Father holding me. But don’t take my word for it…try it yourself.


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