And This is Why…

I love what I do.

The other day someone asked me, Maura, tell me about some of the trials of starting a non-profit? Well, I’ve spent my whole savings on MIHI and I have no salary. It’s a tremendous amount of work to get a non-profit off the ground and it’s even harder when it’s just you. Some people really discourage me, which I’m always working on not taking personal, but it can still be frustrating. 

Then He asked, Can you tell me some of the joys? 

Below is one of them. And just one of the hundreds of emails I have received. A young woman who is in one of MIHI’s accountability groups emailed me this today. All the glory and honor to the Father.

I want to share with you what happened just now. After I finished the last lesson, I went to the kitchen to make myself some lunch. I live in a house with two other house mates, one of them is really messy and leaves the bathroom and kitchen quite dirty. The kitchen sink was just so dirty with coffee that the water wouldn’t flow down. I recently get so frustrated and annoyed when they don’t clean up after themselves and I always have to run after them and tell them to clean.

So I made myself some lunch, but then couldn’t really do the washing up because of the sink and I feel so sick of cleaning up after them. So I felt such a strong urge to binge or at least overeat. I thought about what I could/wanted to have and I thought about ordering a pizza from Domino’s or making myself a huge plate of pasta and just hide in my room and eat it. I was aware that this was a moment of temptation and I remembered all the previous times when I had given in to temptation instead of ‘fighting against them with God’. So I told myself to at least try.

I walked away from the kitchen and went back to my room. I thought about what I should do to make this anger go away, reading the Bible or go to adoration..instead I decided to start a new lesson. And WOW. I started the lesson and instead of eating because I was angry, I now eat because I am hungry. I’m eating a few biscuits, not because I’m angry or frustrated, but because I feel that the lunch I had was not enough and I deserve this because I’m eating in a disciplined manner and in moderation. I’ve had maybe 5 small biscuits and I can truly feel I’m not physically hungry anymore so I’ve stopped eating them! This is the first time I’ve managed to fight temptation with God! I’m so excited about my ‘little victory’ and so thankful of God’s strength! Today’s really been a big step forward for me and I’m SO happy! Praise God 🙂 I feel invincible with Him! And by the way, how cool is it that this lesson is about temptation? As if God not only, helped me turn to Him instead of food by starting a new lesson instead of binging, but blessed me with another gift of learning about all this…


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