MIHI Is Now Hiring!!!

I’m exceeding excited to announce that I’m hiring!! God etched the desire on my heart to launch this ministry years ago and I can’t believe the day is here that I’m needing to hire. This is amazing!!!!! How great is our Father? Wow, I’m in awe of His majesty!!

I need YOUR help to spread the message that MIHI is hiring! How can YOU help? You can help by thinking of relatives, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, people you know from Church, etc that are Catholic psychologists and pass along this information to them. Since my readers are typically not health care professionals, I desperately need your assistance in sharing this message.  Social media is exceedingly important, so please repost this to your facebook wall in an effort to help MIHI find a Catholic psychologist. Thank you so much for your support!

With gratitude,

Maura Byrne, Founder of MIHI

Position: Made in His Image Psychologist

Made in His Image Mission Statement:

To provide holistic medical treatment and healing for females recovering from eating disorders and physical and sexual abuse. And to educate all patients on the nature and dignity of the human person, being created in the image and likeness of God.

Made in His Image Overview:

When built, Made in His Image will be the first Catholic inpatient medical center for females recovering from eating disorders and physical and sexual abuse. Outpatient services will also be available for patients needing less rigorous care. The patients who come to Made in His Image will be treated holistically – body, mind and spirit. Medical doctors, nurses, and dietitians will provide for their medical care, as Catholic psychologists aid the patients in addressing one of the most fundamental questions in life – Who am I? Each patient will be educated on their dignity and worth as a daughter of God, created in the image and likeness of God. Patients will also be educated on one of the most essential components of healing – forgiveness.

After being cleared medically by the doctors on staff, the patients will also learn how to incorporate sports into their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Upon leaving they will have made great strides psychologically and medically, as well as having a deeper understanding of their identity, and the love of the Father. I want to use this ministry to gather women from around the country and ultimately the world, so they can bask in God the Father’s healing Hands.

Position Overview:

A Catholic psychologist to represent Made in His Image in the process of writing a Catholic 60-day online course for females recovering from eating disorders. This position requires all applicants to have had experience with eating disorders. A Catholic psychologist who is a devout Roman Catholic, who embraces and participates in all of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Position Requirements:

  • M.S in Clinical Psychology
  • Past experience working with eating disorders and trauma
  • Devout Roman Catholic
  • Seek to develop a deep interior life through the participation of the sacraments on a daily basis
  • Possess a deep passion for helping others through their God-given talents
  • Has a warmth and compassion for those who suffer
  • Desires to be an instrument of the Heavenly Father’s love and healing through their work with MIHI

Position Inquires:

Anyone interested in learning more about this position or applying, please contact Maura Byrne at ifightHimwithlove@gmail.com


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