This is what Baby Jesus can do!

I am currently enrolled in a free online course called In His Image: Freedom from Anorexia and Bulimia. I have completed 16 of the 60 lesson days. I have been provided with a mentor and had the option of having my lesson responses sent to a close friend or family member. Maura Byrne, director of Made in His Image, has been my accountability partner. It has been extremely helpful to have someone else provide insight. Maura is actually working on her own online course so be on the lookout for that. Anyways, I just wanted to share this with everyone because I used something that I learned yesterday to make my Christmas the best it could be. The lesson I learned was that I can only truly rid myself of my destructive behaviors if I am also replacing them with positive behaviors.

Today, I had just finished Christmas dinner with my family and felt comfortable eating my healthy salad in front of everyone. Normally I feel uncomfortable eating differently than everyone else but I replaced my destructive behavior, eating alone, with eating with my family and celebrating the birth of our savior. I ate healthy all day but was tempted to eat all the sweets and cookies I could find in my house. I made the decision to wait until after dinner and not to deprive myself. If I don’t deprive myself, I am less likely to binge. I could allow myself a modest slice of apple pie and one small chocolate chip cookie. I initially decided against the cookie but I made the cookies from scratch. I am allowed to enjoy my own creation modestly. I was also tempted to weigh myself more than the one time I did this morning but instead, I decided to do some writing and to surround myself by my loved ones to watch some television. There is no need to isolate myself.

Overall, I think Christmas went smoother than I had anticipated. The only thing that is troubling me is the fact that I haven’t exercised for 3 days in a row. I haven’t gained weight, which is something I fear will happen if I don’t work out. Lack of exercise has motivated me to eat modestly but I know I should always be motivated to eat in this manner. I am going to go for a nice long run tomorrow, not to make up for lost days, but because I enjoy it. God has truly filled my home with love and Jesus strengthens me more and more everyday. – written by Christine Saah (one of the young women I have the honor to help hold accountable). Visit her blog here.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!! Thank you for coming into this world of darkness so we can bask in Your sunlight. Thank you for setting us free! On behalf of Made in His Image, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!


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