Behold the Beauty of Recovery

Hello my name is Sarah Elizabeth and I am currently a junior in college. I have had a very up and down upbringing including the usual high school experiences in the country lifestyle, but was always drawn to the city life and even had the fortunate opportunity to be named a Miss Teen Virginia. This is not a title that I like to make public seeing that it is not what makes me, “ME”. I find it important though to say how the experience really made me aware of truly being yourself underneath all of the makeup and flashing lights. The lights flash on and then turn off. You are with yourself forever.

This blog is dedicated to my recovery from an eating disorder. Through this process I hope to reach out to other women who are struggling with this disease as they journey with me through the joys and sorrows of recovery. For those who have no idea what it is like to have an eating disorder take a step into my shoes as well as the shoes of others who battle this unspoken enemy. 

The above mini autobiography was written by a young woman who I mentor and serve as an accountability partner through the course Setting Captives Free. I completed this course while I was recovering from an eating disorder and it helped me tremendously. I have been writing my own course and am going to post it on my blog in late winter/early spring 2012, after I work with a psychologist to help me finish it up. In the meantime, I highly encourage you to sign up for the Setting Captives Free course until mine is done.

You can follow Sarah’s blog by clicking here. And I strongly encourage you to do so.

Another young woman, who I have the honor of helping hold accountable with the same course wrote the following after completing ten of the sixty days in the course.

Freedom and control have been the objects of my desire.

I want to feel free to make wise decisions.

I want to control my impulses.

If I seek out these attributes on my own, they will be a contradiction to one another. 

The more I feel free to shape my own life, without God, the more I see a lack of control.

I have to acknowledge God as my maker. He is my source of life.

I’m not really free without Him.

Without Him, I bind myself to human control, which will never be satisfied.

Freedom and control will continue to be the objects of my desire, as long as the freedom I seek is through Jesus Christ and as long as I humble myself to being poor in spirit. 

God is alive and He is changing lives. Please join me in praying daily for these young women, for their continued healing on their journey to recovery, virtue and courage. If you have questions or concerns about the course, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I would also love to help you by serving as your accountability partner through the course. You can email me at

Know one is meant to travel the road of recovery alone, reach out and ask for help, there is tremendous beauty found in receiving love.