MIHI Testimony

Below is an email I received last night from a reader. I want to share it today because I think it could inspire other women in their journey towards healing. All the glory and honor to the Father, who takes suffering and turns it into beauty!

I can’t describe how grateful I am to be in touch with you. You’re such a blessing. I always read your blog and love it. It’s really helping me! Earlier today, I was in so much pain and something incredible happened: In the midst of my tears I was able to pray! In the midst of all this pain, and I immediately remembered one of your blog posts where you wrote about a therapy session where you were asked to turn your pain into prayer. And that was exactly what I did! It was SO beautiful and gave me such a peace of heart! And on top of that, I went to Adoration for 40 minutes on my own (I’ve never done that before!) and it was amazing. I was alone in the room, just me and Daddy. 

I’ve grown so much spiritually, every day, since I decided to eat again after those 2 weeks and lay it all down to the Lord. It’s amazing how much He has worked in me! I’ve never felt so much at peace in my life and so purely happy. Like I can’t even describe in words how great it feels. I went to Confession during the first week of Advent for the first time since May! And went once again yesterday. Confession is so awesome! And I think it’s a very important part of my recovery. I really want to make it a regular thing. I’m thinking of going once a week, at least until Christmas! 

Yes, there’s still a lot of work I have to do in term of recovering from my eating disorders, self-harm and social anxiety but I’m SO confident that God will heal me. I know He will! And I can’t wait until that day so I can give Him all the glory and who knows, maybe help others like you do?:)

GOD IS SO GOOD! I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy and at peace in my life before, it’s wonderful. I could keep on writing and writing…

Know that you and MIHI are in my prayers!!!!