From Deep Within My Heart

Well it’s raining in Nashville today and I’m really disappointed. Today was supposed to be my photo shoot and they can’t shoot in the rain. The professionals doing the shoot are exceedingly busy around the holiday season, but reassured me we could reschedule as soon as they get an opening, so that’s positive.

Even though I wish the sun would beam through the gloominess and a beautiful azure would displace the ghastly ashen skies, it is a glorious day. Today is the feast of Christ the King and a very special feast day for Made in His Image!

Ever since I was a young child I marveled at God as Father and King over all. When I was a student-athlete in college I heard a FOCUS Missionary talk about God the same way and it captivated me. I have never known a love that compares to the Father. Sometimes in adoration it moves me to tears, as it is the purest and most gentle love there could ever be. What the King of the universe has done for me is miraculous and this feast day is etched on my heart, because I desire for the world to know His love.

At Mass this morning I pondered all of the stories women have told me through emails or in person. You all hold a special place in my heart. I entrust each of you to the love of the Father in a special way. May our Heavenly King infuse within each of you His gifts of the Holy Spirit. May you come to discover the dignity you possess as His daughter. That is my hope and prayer for each one of you. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you to get a glimmer of His hope.

If you have doubts about your identity and His exquisite love for you tell Him. Say, “Father, You teach me about my dignity as Your daughter. You give me a deeper understand about what it means to be created in Your image and likeness. You teach me to love like You love. You show me how precious and beautiful I am in Your eyes. You show me the beauty You see in me.”

I guarantee you, He will answer your prayer! It is not something that we have earned, simply a gift from Him to you!

The Lord always grants us more than what we ask for. The good thief merely asked to be remembered, but the Lord said: “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” The essence of life is to live with Jesus Christ. And where He is, there is His Reign to be found. Happy Feast of Christ the King!

This picture from the movie Bella always reminds me of God as Father. The way he looks at her so tenderly brings a smile to my face. In reality, that isn’t even a fraction of the way the King of the universe looks at you. Can you imagine what Heaven will be like?