Please Help Made in His Image get to Baltimore, MD

People often ask me, Where did your faith journey begin? My answer is the same every time. It began my junior year of college through Varsity Catholic. 

Hello, my name is Maura. After college I worked for a non-profit organization called Varsity Catholic, which is a subdivision of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). I worked as a Catholic missionary to bring the love of the Gospel to student-athletes on college campuses, since I was a collegiate athlete myself.

In September 2011, I founded and launched a non-profit organization called Made in His Image. Made in His Image will be the first Catholic medical center in the country to offer holistic healing to young women suffering from eating disorders and the effects of sexual and physical abuse.

In January 2012, I have an incredible opportunity to attend the 2012 FOCUS Summit to promote my ministry. The FOCUS Summit is a conference for students from across the country. In order to have a table there to promote Made in His Image I need to raise $2,500.00. I want to ask you to please prayerful consider helping Made in His Image get to Baltimore.

The ministry that I have embarked upon is so much more than just a “charity.” For these women, the issues that they are faced with is a matter of life and death. And this organization exists to offer them hope, a place of refuge for them to come and receive medical treatment and most importantly, be introduced to the love of the Father. Please help me get to Baltimore, MD through your financial support, as well as your prayers.

Because it takes several months to become a non-profit in the eyes of the state and IRS, unfortunately your donation at present will not be tax exempt. Please email me at if you would like to make a donation or have any questions, and I will tell you how to proceed. I truly appreciate your generosity.

To read more about Made in His Image please visit my blog at