From My Heart

This weeks inspiration is very close to my heart. This song was written by Matthew West for girl’s who have been abused and or deeply wounded by the hand of another. Women, what the world whispers in your ear about being “messed up” or “damaged” as a result of abuse is nothing more than a lie. Ask God for the grace to resist the deceit. In fact, you are stronger than you think, and many people will be inspired by your courage and strength. Cling to the cross, in it you will find peace and a reason to suffer joyfully. Grasp it when you don’t think you can take another step forward, then kiss it, and take another step.

The following is by St. Josemaria, one of the patron saints of Made in His Image.

A holy soul once experienced difficult trials. One calamity after another befell her, and each succeeding disaster seemed worse than the one before. Finally, that soul turned affectionately to our Lord and asked, But Lord, what have I done to you? And in the depths of her heart came the reply, You have loved me. 

She thought of Calvary and understood a little better how our Lord wanted to purify her and draw her close to the salvation of many who were lost, far from God. She was then filled with peace and joy. To have the Cross is to have joy – it is to have You Lord.


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