I had a very productive morning. My alarm went off at 5:00 am and I debated for a few seconds if I should really go running or not, my mind plays this game with me at least a few times a week. Here were my options – get up right now and go running as planned, which would mean leaving the warmth of my bed for shorts and T-shirt. Or reset my alarm for 6:30 am so I could make 7:00 am Mass on time, which turned out to be a Communion service this morning (which was mildly frustrating). And then I got to thinking, maybe that shouldn’t really bother me? I mean after all I am still receiving the Body of Jesus Christ. Well, anyway I still haven’t come to terms with how I should or shouldn’t feel about this. Please don’t misinterpret, I was still very much excited to receive Jesus, I just really like going to Mass.

Okay, I  rambled on there – sometimes I wonder, do I write like I talk? Or talk like I write? However that works, I wonder if I do that. I’ll have to ask my sister Clare, she would know. Speaking of Clare, I was just about to text her to ask her how to spell a word. Clare is a genius, she has been known to ruin the entire curve in grad classes. I was never a very good speller, but then when I picked up the phone to text her I realized I would need to know how to spell the word if I was going to text it to her. She is in class so I couldn’t call her and no I’m not going to say what word it was because it’s far to embarrassing. You know those simple words that you sometimes forget how to spell and then when you figure it out you’re like oh yeah I totally knew that? Yep, that’s what happened.

Okay for real, back to the topic at hand. So, I did get up and go running and there were actually several runners outside running this morning, which made me feel slightly less insane. I think the earliest I have seen another fellow human being up and running was 4:30am. All of my 4:00am  runs have been alone in the stillness. Sometimes I like it that way and other times I like to see people.

So after running I went to Mass, well Communion service, but you already know how I feel about that. While praying after I read today’s reflection from In Conversation with God. Today’s reflection was on the Our Father. I really loved it and want to share it with you.

The Catechism of the Council of Trent teaches that the Lord omitted other words which might have induced awe or fear in us. He wanted to use a word which would inspire love and confidence in those who were praying. What word could be more agreeable than ‘father’, so full is it of tenderness and affection? Jesus chose the word Jewish children used to address their fathers. This was the word He found most suitable for invoking the Creator of the entire Universe. Abba! Father! 

St. Cyprian says that when we pray the Our Father we should take care to savor those sweet words, Abba, Father, my Father. This prayer will then have a decisive influence on our daily life because if we really mean that God is our Father, we will struggle to behave as His worthy children. – In Conversation with God, 185.

Well dang, there it is! And it’s only 7:30am. I sat there in complete awe. It certainly wasn’t the first time I had heard that message before, but it left me speechless. I’m an heir to the Kingdom of God. Holy Cow! I mean, Praise God!!

So, armed with Jesus, some good endorphins from a great run and back home for some coffee and breakfast – I’ll be unstoppable. Today is going to be a glorious day!


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