From the Weekend

Well fall is officially here friends. Yesterday evening I looked for my ski hat because I was so cold, but couldn’t find it. Now, I know that seems like a bit much for October, but I get cold easily.

I love running on these cooler mornings and evenings, such a refreshing change from the Tennessee heat from the summer. Although, I must admit that I was kind of a coward and joined the YMCA over the summer so I could escape the heat for most of the summer months – okay, that’s sort of embarrassing to admit.

The best part of my weekend was Saturday Oct. 1. Saturday was the feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. St. Therese has been one of my favorite saints for as long as I can remember. I chose her to be my confirmation saint when I was younger and have since fallen deeper in love with her beauty.

Saint Therese was born in Alencon, France, in 1873. While still a young girl, she entered the Carmelite monastery in Lisieux. There she lived a life of humility, evangelical simplicity, and trust in God. By word and example she taught these virtues to the novices of the community. Offering her life for the salvation of souls and the growth of the Church, she died in 1897.

My favorite quote by St. Therese explains a little of why I love her so. She once said, “You can convert a soul by picking up a pin out of love for it.” The mercy and love of God leaves me awe-struck. A pin? Just imagine what washing your roommates dishes out of love could do? Cleaning a bathroom? Taking out the trash? If we would all put a little more love into our actions I know the world would be a different place.

St. Therese wasn’t a rock scientist. She simply loved. My friends, we need to bring back this spirit of love and her attitude of childlike innocence. Our world craves this love she speaks of. Let us glean from her as much as we can to sanctify ourselves for His Kingdom, for right now she beholds the Beatific vision for all eternity.

Do not believe I am swimming in consolations; oh, no! My consolation is to have none on earth. Without showing Himself, without making His voice heard, Jesus teaches me in secret. It is not by means of books, for I do not understand what I am reading, but at times a word like this one that I drew out at the end of prayer (after having remained in silence and aridity) comes to console me: “Here is the Master I am giving you; He will teach you all you must do. I want to have you read in the book of life wherein is contained the science of love.” The science of love, oh! yes, this word resounds sweetly in the ear of my soul. I desire only this science.

I understand so well that it is only love that can make us pleasing to God that this love is the only  good that I ambition. Jesus is pleased to show me the only road which leads to the this divine furnace, and this road is the abandonment of the little child who sleeps without fear in his Father’s arms. “Whoever is a little one, let him come to me.” On the last day “The Lord will lead his flock into pastures, He will gather together the little lambs and will press them to his bosom, and as though all these promises were not enough, the same Prophet, whose inspired glance was already plunged into the eternal depths, cried out in the Lord’s name: “As a mother caresses her child, so will I comfort you.”

After language like this, there is nothing to do but be silent and weep with gratitude and love…Ah! if all weak and imperfect souls felt what the littlest of all souls feels, the soul of your little Therese, not one would despair of reaching the summit of the mountain of love, since Jesus does not ask for great actions but only abandonment and gratitude. – St. Therese of the Child Jesus (St. Therese was declared a Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church in 1997).

Here is something I made this weekend at the Bakery.

Pumpkin Cheesecake – hungry? Come to our house! See? We do eat well Mom!

Some fruits on our kitchen table that I thought looked pretty for fall – so I took a picture.

Happy Fall Everyone!

Exciting news – tomorrow I name the Board of Directors for Made in His Image!!!