From my Heart at 3:09am

It is 3:09 am and I’m wide awake. Some of my best work is done late at night, or early in the morning. I usually listen to music when I write, but not tonight. I’m enjoying the stillness of the night. The only three things I can hear are some birds chirping outside my window, the sound my finger tips make against my MacBook Pro keyboard, and the steady sound of my roommate’s sound machine. Mariu is a doctor and works some pretty crazy hours, so she likes to turn on a sound machine so the noise around the house doesn’t wake her.

I’m working on my manuscript – Choosing to See Beauty. I am so excited for this publication. Lately, especially with all that is going on with Made in His Image, I have been reflecting a great deal on my life and what God has done to bring me to this day. It’s mind boggling really, often in prayer, I just sit there and am in awe of His healing Hands. Last week, tears of joy overtook me and I couldn’t hold them back. May God’s name always be praised and glorified!

You know something? God really wants to help you too. Whatever your struggle is, whatever your cross is, whatever your pain is, He has felt it. He is beside you right now, waiting for you to reach out to Him. He is holding you ever so close to His Sacred Heart.

Will you not allow Him to be your Savior? He gives us free will – so the choice to choose Him is our decision. He will not force Himself on us, for that is a direct contradiction of His very nature. How privileged you are to carry a portion of His cross to Calvary. Delight in it, and ask God for the grace to unite it to His suffering on the cross. My friends, it is a great gift to suffer for the King, even the angels can’t partake in this honor.

I want to challenge the world to choose to see beauty in the ambiguity of life this day. Give your cross to God, suffer with joy. And one day, either in this life or the next, you will see God’s mysterious plan unfold in your life and the lives of others. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to suffer joyfully for the one who was struck, crowned with thorns, spit at, rejected, humiliated and nailed to a cross for you.


2 thoughts on “From my Heart at 3:09am

  1. Tears are welling up as I struggle to say yes to Love! I know He is extending His hand and wants to hold me as He invites me to share in the privilege of sharing in His Suffering!! I want to want to say yes…Grant me the grace Lord

  2. My friend, I don’t know who you are because your comment is “anonymous.” But I love your soul and heart. Please know that I am praying a daily Rosary for your healing. The Lord looks at your heart – and He sees your desire to want to want to say yes. Keep fighting Him with love! You are so courageous!

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