From the Heart of a young Entrepreneur

Yesterday I left my full-time job at the bakery to officially direct Made in His Image. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person, but promised my mother (Hi Mom) that I would work two shifts on the weekend until I am officially a non-profit in the eyes of the state, which takes about nine months. Well not me personally, but Made in His Image, I’m sure you got that though. This is incredible and I’m really speechless! Really the only words that I can think of to describe this extraordinary gift are Blessed be God. When I was a young child, throughout high school and during college I often wondered what would come of my life. What did He want from me? How can I turn this pain and suffering into something beautiful?

I remember one particular night my senior year in college. I was in the library doing lab reports and a group of students came and sat down at the table across from me. They opened their computers and made a joke in reference to pornography. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. I got up and left and began walking to the chapel on campus.

On several of the buildings at Seton Hall there are crosses on the top and on that particular night one of the crosses was illuminated in a bright light and it caught my eye as I walked to the chapel in tears. I knelt down right there in the grass and begged God not to let my suffering be in vain. I told Him about my dream for Made in His Image and today on the feast of the Triumph of the Cross I officially start work on the ministry full-time. God sure does have a sense of humor. With all my heart I want to thank Him for being my Father. I have never known a love like His in all my life. I am eternally grateful for His grace, mercy and protection. May everything I do always honor His blessed name. This work is for Him, to show others what He has done for me, so they can experience the same healing. This work is to boast in His name.


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