From my Heart

A few days ago I logged into my Paypal account for Made in His Image and was awe-struck at what I saw. Someone had made a donation for the exact amount I had been praying for. When I saw the amount of the donation I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand in astonishment as I softly whispered, Blessed be God. I said it over and over, then logged out of my account so I could log back in to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Nope, I wasn’t dreaming, it was very much a reality.

This is such a gift and I am exceedingly blessed. I can’t even begin to count the ways in which God has shown me this is what He wants from me. It’s really happening folks – Made in His Image has been born and growing little by little each day.

The gentleman who made the donation doesn’t even know me, for he is a friend of a friend. I reached out to him to thank him and his humility greatly touched my heart. He kept saying it was no big deal – but this is huge! This money is the gift I have been praying most earnestly for so I can leave my job at the bakery and work full-time on this ministry. It also will enable me to make the necessary changes in my book so I can reach my winter deadline. Choosing to See Beauty will be published after Christmas 2011. This is incredible! I wish you could see me right now, I can’t stop smiling and have goosebumps because it’s so amazing!! God is such a loving Father and He just wants to provide for me and I love His protection and love. This past year has been one of great growth and healing for me and since taking that first somewhat scary step onto the water, God has been there to hold me up each step. I am grateful beyond words. I pray for the grace to be courageous and to keep answering His call. Please pray for me.

The donor wished to remain anonymous, but below is the email he sent – I was deeply touched. I special thank you to him will be published in the back of my book.

“Thank You” to a Daughter of the Lord

Miss Maura,

A few days I came across your blog so I decided, as with all blogs of people I vaguely knew, that I’d read an article or two to see if they have anything interesting to say, and then ignore it forever. By luck or Providence, I first read a very moving Wednesday Inspiration meditating on the writings of Flannery OConnor. I was struck by the depths of your understanding and devotion to the Lord. I was inspired to read another, and another.

Before I knew it I’d spent Saturday morning reading pretty much your entire blogroll (okay, I skipped the baking stuff ). I have to say, I’m impressed. Your writings marry an uncanny understanding of the workings of the Lord with an eloquence that I rarely see outside of professional theological writings. In short, you give people a lot to think about but make your articles quite fun to read. There were quite a few times where I had to stop and meditate on some aspect or commentary you provided. Not the texts you provided (although they were also good), but on your own thoughts regarding these writings. You have a great gift for spiritual analysis and writing, and you should be proud of that.

I’m really writing this letter for two reasons. I try to personally thank everyone in my life who has helped me grow in love towards God and His creation. Yes, that would technically be everyone, but there are individuals (some I know personally, some I passed on the street for five seconds) that stand out on my path of spiritual growth, and the morning I spent reading your blog is certainly a monument. However, I especially wanted to write it to you because it seems repeatedly like your humility pushes you to a point of scrupulousness and self-deprecation. (I have the same problem myself, so I can definitely recognize it in others). It’s commendable to recognize your own faults, but you often seem to comment that Theres no way I can do that before remarking on God’s assistance. I just wanted to assure you, whether you need it or not, that you’re one of the good guys, Miss Maura. If you had this kind of spiritual impact on a guy who’s never met you, I’m sure you have an even greater influence on the people in your life.

The second reason is that the ministry you’re trying to start speaks directly to a cross I have been bearing these past few months, and a struggle which has come to a severe climax this past week. I wont go into details, but the one thing I really needed from God was to see a campaign like yours, and I thank Him for leading me to your blog. If you were only His instrument in the sense of writing that blog, and were to stop tomorrow, I would still be eternally grateful for it. Therefore, you will have my prayers, Miss Maura, and if there’s any other way I could assist you in this goal of yours, I would be happy to do so.

May God bless you, Miss Maura, and may He provide you with all the beauty, love, and peace that you have been seeking. I thank you as well, for although you would probably have never known it, you have had a profound spiritual impact on me, and I am truly grateful. I will pray for your ministry to be a success, and I invoke my patron Saint Michael and his legions to protect you and guide you as you continue your own journey towards the Lord.

Blessed be God!


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