Made in His Image is exceedingly thrilled to introduce to you it’s official logo!! It’s so incredibly beautiful and everything I envisioned. I can’t stop staring at it! The Graphic Designer was Christi Marcheschi. Christi served as a Catholic Missionary within FOCUS and is now married and the mother of sweet little Gianna. I asked Christi to explain the design and below are her words.

Maura asked me to share a little bit about the design process for the Made in His Image logo. When I first took on this project, I asked Maura to do a little homework to describe the vision for Made in His Image. A message of hope and transformation kept coming through her words and there came an inspiration to draw the dove carrying an olive branch, which was a symbol of hope and new growth for Noah after the great flood. Another part of Maura’s vision is that women come to realize their true dignity and worth, so the purple color speaks to the royalty of women who are truly daughters of the King. It as been a great joy to work on this project with Maura. My prayers are with her as she launches this beautiful organization and ministry for young women. 

I am extremely grateful to Christi for her amazing work! She did a beautiful job! And I can’t wait for her to design more for Made in His Image in the future. This is just so fabulous!! I am so excited to launch this ministry, to get to know girls from around the country, and to grow in faith with them through our Father’s healing Hands as they heal themselves.

From the depths of my heart I would like to thank my Father for the gift of my life. Everything I am I owe to Him and I want you women to experience the hope, peace and healing that only He can give. That is what Made in His Image is about – I want you women to know your worth. I want you to be able to look in the mirror and see beauty when the world tells you differently. I want you to see beauty because that’s what you are. You are His daughter! You are made in His image!


2 thoughts on “IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!!!!!

  1. God the Father has a very special plan for you Maura Anne! Yes folks, she is my sister! Its almost like being related to royalty when your sister is famous! Too amazing for words! Love you big sis!

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