Good times at Bethany

Everyone at Bethany (our home) is busy, busy, busy. Vanderbilt resumed classes last week, so CeeCee and Elizabeth have been very busy with planning Bible studies, student events, meeting with students and attending meetings. CeeCee and Elizabeth are Catholic Missionaries on Vanderbilt’s campus through FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). It’s really beautiful to see how much they love the students and how they truly give their very hearts to them through countless hours of self-sacrifice. The students at Vanderbilt are blessed to have them love them.

Dr. Carlo (sweet little Mariu) started a new rotation at the Hospital and it’s exceedingly stressful on her. So, if you would like to offer a prayer for her and her patients I know she would most definitely appreciate it. We all know she is going to do great!! After all she is a Harvard graduate! They train ’em well over there! And she looks so professional in her little white coat! St. Gianna, please interceded and protect her and those she serves!

Tala started classes last week at Vanderbilt. She is studying to get her Masters in psychology and counselling. I mentioned once before that I highly recommend you call her secretary (me) and set up your appointment to see her if the need should arise. She already has a two-year legal wait limit (school is 2 years). She is a great listener and offers sound and prudent advice, but we just want to make sure everything is legal, which is way we suggest you wait the two years. She is going to be the first Catholic female psychologist that Nashville has ever had. I might recruit her to work at my clinic.

Mariu got us all free tickets to a Sounds Baseball game last week and it was such a fun night. First Mariu and I crashed Tala’s graduate school opening dinner for free fajitas, beer, and margaritas. We are all about free food, but most importantly we wanted to be there for Tala. We couldn’t just send her out into the world without knowing where she was going to be everyday. We had no other choice but to attend. After we met Therese (Little Flower), sorry I have nicknames for everyone, at the baseball game. We had a blast together and I think the people behind us thought we were acting a little young for our age, but you only life once.

Here we are together- Tala, me, Therese and Mariu

This began the Mariu and Tala photo shoot.

One might think we were at the beach or something, but no this was at the baseball game. We didn’t really pay attention to the game actually and I have no idea who won. I love sports, but just loved being with the girls and was to in love with life to notice the score board. I also have really long legs apparently.

And these are pictures I took just playing around with my camera of one of my favorite dinners.

This is one of my favorite meals- a little red wine, rustic farm bread with extra virgin olive oil and pepper for dipping, and a salad with grilled chicken, corn, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, spiced pecans and parmesan cheese. So good!!

And here is a quote to leave you with…

Blessed is the woman who has a smile in her voice, a sparkle in her eyes, a song on her lips, a spring in her step, a warmth in her touch, a depth in her beauty, a purpose for her life, a joy in her faith, and love and hope in her heart. ~William Arthur Ward


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