The sad truth…

… that we live in a society that continually degrades the sanctity of human life. A society where more and more women are being abused, raped, neglected and simply starving for attention and love. Often times this lifestyle produces a rippling effect, causing girls to develop eating disorders, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and attempting to obtain perfection in everything they do. Not knowing what to place their identity in, they strive after perishable fame and attempt to quench their thirst for happiness with fleeting pleasures.

Plagued with a lack of self-esteem, many times these females turn to the media for reassurance. And what does the media tell them? The media tells them that in order to be considered beautiful they need to look like a ninety pound manufactured celebrity and these models become role models for impressionable females, which only exacerbates their struggle.

Our culture is plagued with false truths about beauty and self-image because often times females don’t know where their true and lasting identity lies. The purpose of Made in His Image is to educate females on their dignity as daughters of God, to instill within them a positive self-image based on Truth. Made in His Image will teach women about their self-worth, their transcendent value as a daughter of God created in the image and likeness of our Creator.

By giving to Made in His Image you can be apart of changing this culture. You can be apart of turning the ugliness and evil into beauty and Truth. You can help women who so desperately need healing and love, by helping me build this center for them. A center where they will receive the healing they deserve, along with the education about their dignity. I know God has plenty of money and that through His grace this will happen. Please help me and visit the Donation page to contribute. Also, pass it along to anyone you may know who would be interested, along with large corporations that are interested in giving to a good cause.

Together, as Blessed Mother Teresa use to say “We can do something beautiful for God.”


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