Weekend lovin’…better late than never

Lately I have been busy busy busy with Made in His Image. I am currently working on a business plan, they are time consuming, but I love every second of it. I am writing some curriculum which I am super excited about. And my logo should be ready within a few weeks, whenever I think about it I literally get the chills, that’s how excited I am. It’s really happening! Thank you Jesus for His blessings!

I haven’t had a chance to blog about some fun weekend times, so that’s what I’d like to do today. I want to share a little piece of my life and heart with you. Tell you all about what makes me smile and laugh.

My roommate Tala reads blogs all the time and a lot of them are written by mothers. She shares the blogs with the house, and I have to admit I am hooked on a few of them myself. I often wonder how mothers get the time to update their blogs. And right now I feel like a slacker compared to them, but oh well – props to them. So with Nutella spread generously on two thick slices of rustic farm bread I want to share some good times with you.

About two weeks ago ( I told you I feel like a slacker) my sister Clare and one of my closest friends Elizabeth came to Nashville for a mere 16 hours on their drive from New York City to Texas. Elizabeth and I use to live together when we both served as missionaries. I hadn’t seen her in a year and it was glorious to be reunited. And Clare, as you might know, is literally my other half so I was exceedingly excited to see her.

A lot of people think Clare and I look like twins. Our piano teacher, Irish Step Dancing teacher, cross country and swimming coaches, professors and even our aunts and uncles (I mean come on family) have confused us. Personally, I think I’m getting the better end of the deal because people compare me to Clare and she is phenomenal.

Funny story – so Clare and I went to the same college. One time a professor saw me on the green and came over and said to me, Clare, you did a great job on that test, good job. I had never seen this professor before in my life and said, Oh, you must mean my sister Clare. Okay, back to the topic at hand, sometimes I get a little carried away.

So, Clare and Elizabeth arrived Thursday night. I grilled scallops because they are Clare’s favorite. Elizabeth brought wine, we grilled some vegetables, and made some bread and enjoyed each other’s company. I missed them both so much. For dessert, I had made a flour-less chocolate cake because Clare has a gluten intolerance and we were celebrating her birthday. We stayed up late and talked, laughed and shared some great memories.

They were only in town for the night because they were making their way to Texas. I had to open at the bakery on Friday, so they came to see me before they hit the road again for some cappuccinos, chocolate croissants and gluten free strawberry banana muffins. Elizabeth is starting a new job in Texas and I am so proud of her. It was pure joy to see them both.

Flour-less chocolate cake

Stay tuned for another weekend lovin’ better late than never story tomorrow!


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