Wednesday’s Inspiration

Although I write about many topics on my blog, the main reason I started it is to promote my ministry that I’m planning to start called Made in His Image. If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! Here is what Made in His Image will be all about. Made in His Image will work to help girls and women alike who have been abused, raped, suffered from mental illnesses, eating disorders, the effects of addictions and low self-esteem. Made in His Image will educate women on God the Father’s unwavering love, mercy and healing Hands. It will teach women about the dignity we all possess as His daughters, being created in the image and likeness of God.

This weeks Wednesday’s Inspiration is for women struggling with an eating disorder. First of all, know how precious you are in God the Father’s eyes. For you are closest to Him in your struggles, place your heart in His tender and gentle Hands. Secondly, know that I pray for you daily. You can always email me with specific requests as well. I have felt your pain in a unique way and my heart goes out to you. Here is a prayer that I wrote when I was really struggling many years ago and I thought you might like it.

Dear Father in Heaven,
I desire to be free from these shackles which bind me so tightly. 
Stay with me. 
I’m scared. I’m scared of exposing my sin. I’m scared of what others may think. Im scared of gaining weight. I’m scared of feeling full and gross. I’m scared of being alone. 
Stay with me. 
When I think of how others have hurt me, sometimes it suffocates me. The pain is everywhere. 
Stay with me.
Take my tears. Take my fear. Take my heart.
Stay with me. 
Hold my hand through the pain, through each meal and through each step of my recovery. 
Stay with me. 
I have sinned and hurt you deeply. Increase in my heart a Godly sorrow.
Stay with me. 
You see beauty in me. Let me see it to Father. 
Stay with me. 
I can’t do it without You. I ask for Your grace.
Stay with me. 
Let me feel Your loving embrace. 
(and insert your name). 
text copyright c 2011, Maura Byrne

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