This and that from the weekend

I couldn’t help myself and tried that recipe for the granola bars that I posted a few days ago. I made them when I came home Friday night. Weird to some I know, but when I get a recipe I haven’t tried I can’t help myself. And if I have all of the ingredients in the house then there is no turning back. It’s like giving an artist new brushes, a vibrant assortment of paint and a stark white canvas – of course they are going to start painting. A few followers asked for pictures and here they are.

Since I had never tried this recipe before I didn’t know what to expect. A few kitchen notes: the peanut butter was a little overpowering. The recipe called for 1 cup. I would add a half cup next time.

Since there are so many delicious items in there you don’t want to take a bit and only taste the peanut butter. My favorite are the cranberries inside them. I also brushed the walnuts with a little cinnamon before adding them, which makes them extra delicious. It’s really easy to do – lay the walnuts on a cookie sheet and brush with a generous amount of well beaten egg whites, then coat with cinnamon sugar and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

These bars were very chewy, so if you want them to taste like a traditional granola bar I would cook them for 10-15 minutes longer than what the recipe calls for. Also, you could vary the contents by adding chocolate chunks, coconut, etc. They are delicious! Enjoy!

On Saturday during my break at the bakery I spoke with my graphic designer. My logo is being designed!! I am so incredibly excited!!! She got me all fired up for this ministry – man oh man I just can’t wait. I felt like a little child who wakes up at 4am on Christmas morning, pushes back their covers, runs into their parents room and jumps on their bed telling them that Santa came and that it’s time to get up to open presents.

She asked me a few more questions about my life story and what I want people to feel/think when they see this design. She conveyed her thoughts to me and I told her that I trust her ability very much. When I got back into the bakery, I wept joyful tears of thanksgiving. What God has done in my life is a miracle. I thought back to an exceedingly dark night when I literally fell to the ground and begged Him that my suffering wouldn’t go in vain, that He would use it for His glory. Made in His Image is for His glory and I can’t wait to share this ministry with the world.

When I got back inside the bakery after talking to her I forgot about the pain, I would go through it again, if it would help just one woman know her dignity. It not that I don’t remember it either, for we will always have our memories, but I choose not to dwell on it. God’s healing Hands are stronger than the deepest wounds of our hearts, even our physical wounds. What He can do, what He will do for you is beyond your biggest comprehension. Give Him your wounds today, give Him your heart. Let His Hands touch your heart. Let His glory transform your pain into healing.

Saturday evening I went out to dinner with Karissa and Sarabeth – two of my best friends in Nashville. We were celebrating Karissa! She just got into Nursing School, which is most definitely a cause for a celebration. Mango mojitos and many laughs were had by all. I am so proud of Karissa and love her very much! She is such a beautiful inspiration in my life!

Sunday was the feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe! I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. I was a little concerned though as I drove to Mass Sunday night. I thought because it was a Sunday that the priest wouldn’t mention St. Kolbe in his homely. But just as the first note was played for the opening hymn I saw that my favorite priest was celebrating the Mass – Father Baker. At once I knew it was going to be okay, after all Father Baker is not one to miss an opportunity to tell a story or two about this heroic saint.

As usual his homily left me on the edge of my seat with much to ponder. He talked about the sacrifice that Saint Kolbe offered for the man he died for and how Jesus did the same for each one of us. The man who lived because of Saint Kolbe’s sacrifice could only thank Saint Kolbe with his eyes, but we can thank Jesus for His sacrifice with lives of holy and humble service to Him and His Church.


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