Tartlet Pans

To answer a few email questions – I bought my tartlet pans in California at one of my favorite stores – Sur la Table. Sur la Table is a baker’s paradise, a store very similar to Williams Sonoma. I will never forget going there with my mom one sunny morning.

The most common type of tart pan is a shiny, tin-lined, removable-bottom pan with a fluted edge about 1 inch tall. It comes in a range of sizes, from individual (4 inches) to bakery-size (12 inches or larger) and in shapes from round to rectangular. Heavy-gauge tinned steel ensures even and gentle heat distribution for consistent baking and professional-quality results.

You can also find tartlet pans in myriad sizes and styles that are great for buffets, teas, and other occasions when a tiny all-to-yourself dessert is just right. Be careful when removing filled tart pans; hold them by the sides, rather than the removable bottom (if they have one).

Ceramic tart pans are a beautiful choice when you want to present your tart in its baking pan, though the tart may need to bake longer than the recipe specifies due to the poor heat conductivity of ceramic.

Sur la Table sells their tartlet pans for $4.00 a piece (for the 4 in.) I checked William Sonoma and they sell a set of 6 (4 in) for $23.00, if you don’t have to pay shipping and can go to a store to pick them up that is not a bad price at all. I would NOT buy these pans at a regular grocery store. I have done that before for other speciality pans and they were not properly made at all and I ended up ruining an entire catering job. And it cost me twice the amount of money in ingredients because I had to remake the dessert.

Here is the link to Sur la Table: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-7404/Gobel-Nonstick-Tartlets

And here is the link to Williams Sonoma: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/gobel-nonstick-mini-round-tart-pan/?pkey=cpie-pans-tart-pans

I hope you all have fun with this! Enjoy! And please let me know how they turn out – I know they will be delicious. Send me an email if you run into any questions while making the tarts, I would love to answer any questions at all.


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