Wednesday’s Inspiration

Sometimes when life is going smoothly it’s easy to look at someone else’s life and say, “If I was in their shoes I would heroically carry that cross and no one would ever hear me complain.” Then, when our grand and glorious plans go awry and hardships come we can’t seem to bring that statement to fruition. Sound familiar?

It’s easy to analyze others. But that’s not what God desires of us. He yearns for us to glory in the moment, the here and now, the day-to-day grind, the little inconveniences and the life altering occurrences that He sends us. He sends them to us to perfect us, to mold us into images of Himself and to draw us closer to His most Sacred and merciful Heart. He wants us that close.

Consider this beautiful description by Fulton J. Sheen, “Every tear, disappointment and grieved heart is a blank check. If we write our name on it, it is worthless. If we sign it with Christ’s name, it is infinite in its value. In prosperity, Christ gives you His gifts; in suffering with faith, he gives you Himself.


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