A Random Fact

My roommate Tala is a model and Therese (my other roommate, whom I call Little Flower) posted this picture of Tala on facebook with the caption, Yep that deodorant totally makes me want to dance. I think everyone should carry a stick with them. AT ALL TIMES. Below were our facebook comments.

Therese Dorobek Tala- you rock that deodorant!

Tala Burnison HA! It was also an economical purchase, I might add.

Maura A. Byrne tala is so pretty!

Maura A. Byrne i can’t even stand it

Therese Dorobek I know, right?!

Maura A. Byrne I almost fell over her beauty blinded my eyes. I need to remind myself to be seated when looking at this

Therese Dorobek True story!!!


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