A Nugget to Ponder

The other day several people asked me why I hadn’t posted in a few days. The answer to that question is that the weekends are my busiest days. And then yesterday when I set aside time to write I fell asleep for 5 hours (whoops). I woke up and thought it was the next day and that I was late for work.

Anyway, on Saturday I read the daily reflection from In Conversation with God and there was a paragraph that really tugged at my heart and I wanted to share it even though it’s Tuesday. To be honest it doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is, the following message applies everyday of the year, the challenge is to live it out everyday and not just on a “Saturday.”

The mediation was entitled Knowing when to Speak. 

The silence of God in the face of human passions, before the sins which are committed every day by humanity is not a silence of anger. It is a silence full of patience and love. The silence of Calvary is that of a God who comes to redeem all men by His indescribable agony on the Cross. The silence of Jesus in the Tabernacle is that of a love which waits for a response. It is the patient silence of One who treasures our attentions. 

Christ’s silence during His earthly life represents interior strength and sense of purpose. Those who complain continually about their misfortunes or their ‘bad luck’ should look to the example of Our Lord. Those who proclaim their problems to the four winds should consider the behaviour of Christ. Those who feel compelled to explain and excuse their actions, who wait anxiously for praise or approval, should take note of Christ, who says nothing. 

We will imitate Him when we learn to accept life’s duties and worries without sterile complaints, when we confront our personal problems without dumping them in someone else’s lap, when we face our work for the glory of God without looking for earthly praise. – In Conversation with God, 274


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