Weekend Happenings

Therese (Little Flower), David, Mariu and Tala at U2

My sweet roommates and I on our way to a Blue Grass show

Therese, our driver cute as ever

Full Moon Pickin’ Parties are Blue Grass events that are held once a month from May to October. These evens feature the finest bluegrass music under the light of a full moon. Pickers form form circles under the trees and around the grounds performing and jamming while several headliners are featured on stage. You pay $5. to get in and your ticket entitles you to 4 beers (all of which I do not drink- see post My Head is Spinning to understand).

You bring lawn chairs or blankets, drink beer, relax and listen to good tunes. It’s a super fun evening!

Sunday morning brunch

Sweet Mariu’s birthday was Sunday! And her parents came from AL to spend the day with her.

Mariu turned 27 yesterday and yes, she went to Harvard.

I am so blessed to live with Mariu she is one of the most humble people I have ever met. Mariu graduated from Harvard and then Medical School. She was a Division 1 basketball player & rower. She works at Vanderbilt as a Doctor. One of the sweetest and most caring people you will ever meet.

Mariu loves Jesus and the saints so much. She has a great devotion to Saint Gianna (patron saint of doctors).

On Sunday morning Tala got 27 balloons for Mariu and put them in her room. Mariu was post call after working 30 hours at the hospital, so she slept in. She was really surprised.

Sweet Little Mariu (that’s what we call her).

Lots of balloons

I love them so much!

We are so glad Mariu was born. I even thanked her parents 🙂

Mariu’s mom brought her a strawberry cake for her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Mariu! Someone at the Hospital once asked her if she was 11. Come on people…


It wouldn’t be a 4102 Colorado ave day unless someone did something slightly like the above picture. Mariu going through the cat door in our house. Yup! We don’t have cats, but the owners of the house had cats, so we have a few doors with openings for cats. Personally, I strongly dislike cats. Most of us have gone through this door at one point or another. It was a beautiful weekend!

A few things I learned this weekend – it’s good to laugh at yourself, I really need to work on being less prideful, it is harder for me to receive love than to show love. All of these things I am going to actively work on.


One thought on “Weekend Happenings

  1. These are great pictures. I am so jealous of the strawberry cake! Mariu’s mom made that when I went over with Tala to B-ham on Easter and it was sooooo good.

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