Good Things From the Weekend

I know several days have pasted since the weekend, but it’s never to late to write about good memories. On Sunday, amidst the crowds which surround downtown Nashville on the weekends, I saw the most beautiful gestures of love and affection. My peripheral vision caught sight of an elderly couple walking into a restaurant hand in hand. The couple was at least eighty and as they approached the door the husband gently stepped in front of his wife and opened the door for her, as he tenderly placed his right hand on her lower back to lead her in. It was beautiful to witness such an act of love.

Later that day I saw a pregnant woman who looked as if she could give birth at any given moment. This woman carried life magnificently and as she placed her hands on her back she smiled as if to say “she couldn’t wait to meet her little miracle.” It was a ravishing display of the sanctity of human life amidst our jaded world.

In the evening my roommates and I went to Sunday Mass together. I love Sunday evenings when we are all home, which is rare due to our busy schedules. But I cherish the times we are together.

After Mass we went back to our home and made homemade pizza and an amazing salad, while Mariu, who is a doctor checked where you would go for a subclavian central venous catheterization on all of us. A very typical evening, the only thing that was missing was our dear friend Tina Miller who left us for a boy. Why can’t we just have boyfriends who live in Nashville? But that’s a topic for another day.

Our serious look

Sweet Tina, who we miss dearly

“He was a good house boyfriend” – Tala, referring to Eric


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