Letters from Kate

One of the highlights of my week is receiving a letter from my sister, Kate. We are pen-pals. Kate loves to play basketball, ride her bike, play with her nephew Sean, do puzzles (she can do 500 piece puzzles), color, practice her writing, bake cookies, go swimming and anything about the Chronicles of Narnia. Her favorite character is Aslan.

This is Sean, who Kate loves to play with

Kate with Sean

Sean playing with trains

Here are the last two letters that Kate wrote me:

Dear Maura,

I played basketball this morning. Mommy was running. I went to the pool today. I like to swim. The water was cool. I miss you. Thank you for the yummy bunnies.



Dear Maura,

I liked your letter. I want to watch the Dawn Treader with you. I will get you a blanket. You can lay down. Sean came over on Thursday. Sean cried. Sean laughed. Sean ate pizza. Sean said Kate. Sean said Mo. Sean said Brian. See you soon.



Kate loves Sea World in California! I went there last year with her.

She loved watching the whales jump.


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