July 8, 2011

There is a high probability that you could own the entire In Conversation with God series if you follow my blog for a year. I just can’t help myself, some of the passages are to good not to share. Here is an excerpt from today’s reading.

Following our Lord means living a life of small and great acts of madness, as is always the case where true love is concerned. When Our Lord asks more of us – and He always asks for more – we cannot draw back with a false prudence, the prudence of the world. We must not be swayed by the judgement of those who do not feel themselves called, and who see everything through merely human eyes, and sometimes with eyes that are not even human, because they have what is no more than an earthly outlook, an outlook that prevents them ever getting off the ground. No man and no woman would ever have given themselves to God or ever have initiated any supernatural undertaking if they had followed that ‘prudence of the flesh’. They would always have found more or less convincing reasons for refusing to proceed – or for deferring their response till a more convenient time, which often boils down to the same thing. – Francis Fernandez


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