The Infinite Value of the Mass

This morning after Mass I read the daily reading from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez and there were two particular paragraphs that left me breathless and wanted to share it with you today. Today’s mediation was called The Infinite Value of the Mass and read as follows.

For this reason each Mass has an infinite, immense value that we can never fully understand. It causes the whole heavenly court to rejoice. It alleviates the pain of the souls in purgatory. It draws down all types of blessings upon earth, and gives more glory to God than all the sufferings of all the martyrs together, more glory than the penances of all the saints, than all the tears shed by them since the beginning of the world and all that they may do till the end of time. -St. Jean Vianney, The Cure d’ Ars, Sermon on the Holy Mass

Another exceedingly powerful paragraph:

As well as the effects of praise and of adoration that are given to God, the Holy Mass also produces fruits of remission for our sins, and of petition for all our needs. There are of themselves capable of being infinite and unlimited, but may be finite and limited according to our dispositions. This is why the preparation of our soul to attend and partake of this unique Sacrifice, and the moments of thanksgiving and recollection once the sacred action os over are so very important.

I believe if people knew the value of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass they would flock to it. Let us together spread this powerful Truth.




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